Ger. de espaço de trabalho de usuário

Os usuários de hoje não estão limitados por área de trabalho ou até mesmo por plataforma. Sua área de trabalho está se tornando um escritório virtual onde eles precisam trabalhar de forma eficiente e segura, não importa onde estejam ou que dispositivo estejam usando. Esta consumerização de TI e a flexibilidade de trazer o seu próprio dispositivo (BYOD) vieram para ficar. Somente Quest (now a part of Dell) oferece uma solução completa de entrega e gerenciamento para identidades de usuários, bem como para os vários dispositivos e aplicações do usuário.

The Demise of the Desktop. The Rise of the Workspace.

The Demise of the Desktop.
The Rise of the Workspace.

Find out how UWM resolves three major areas of concern
for IT organizations.

Workspace Desktop Virtualization

vWorkspace 7.5:

See how it lets you adopt desktop virtualization
for the lowest cost.

Case Study

Migration to Windows 7 Made Easy

ChangeBASE reduced the cost and timeframe by 50%.
Find out how.

Assessing Desktop Virtualization

Assessing Desktop Virtualization

Take the first step toward a successful
desktop virtualization project.

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  • ChangeBASE

    The fastest, easiest way to ensure application readiness for Microsoft platforms, web browsers and virtualized environments.


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Video Case Study - Hospital La Fe

See how one of the largest hospitals in Spain administers its virtual desktops with ease using Workspace Desktop Virtualization.


Gain insight on enabling access to applications from anywhere using any device.

Our customers say:

Telefónica UK
"The ChangeBASE solution saved us 50% of our projected costs, and the migration took only half the time it would have required if we had done the application analysis and remediation manually."

Jim Barton
Senior Architect
Telefónica UK

"Quest ChangeBASE will reduce our packaging time by a third on average. Historically, most of our time was spent on resolving conflicts and searching for the compatibility issues. ChangeBASE goes straight to the issue and can fix it and move on. We don't waste time anymore. We can satisfy user requests sooner and deliver a compatible application quicker"

Martin Spijkers
Technical System Development Coordinator

iStar Networks
"Quest Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace) is an extremely rich, robust solution that is truly one-size-fits-all and that can be scaled up or down, with a great price advantage. Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace) has become more of a culture at iStar rather than a measurable investment. We simply could not operate and provide a complete range of services without Workspace Desktop Virtualization"

Aaron Hawke
iStar Networks

Lancashire Constabulary
"We had already established that Desktop Virtualization (formerly vWorkspace) was the only broker solution that could meet our security requirements to segregate the restricted and confidential networks. It was therefore a huge relief that its flexibility to work with different hypervisors didn't narrow our choice of VDI, especially as we were already constrained by a tight budget."

Colin Fitzsimons
Senior Systems Engineer
Lancashire Constabulary

"Quest Desktop Virtualization was the only desktop virtualization solution that met all our needs: It's easy to use and provides secure remote access."

Óscar Galeano
System Administrator

Washington Unified School District
"When we look at the big picture, adding another employee could cost 10 times the amount of the Desktop Authority renewal—so that cost saving ALONE is well worth our investment."

Eric Rosburg,
Director of IT
Washington Unified School District

Highlights for Children
"I do very little maintenance on this tool...and in today's economy, doing more with less is important. And with Help Desk Authority I can do more and invest a LOT less."

Tom Lewis
Mgr. of Corporate IT Training and Workstation Assets
Highlights for Children

Johns Hopkins
"Today's complex IT environments include many disparate components that exist outside of the Windows world. The challenge is how to monitor and manage the overall health of distributed applications. Quest allows us to plug those non-Windows systems into an Operations Manager and Configuration Manager environment and provide end-to-end service management into the System Center pane of glass."

Jamie Bakert
Systems Architect
Johns Hopkins

Bonneville Joint School District No. 93
"We needed a tool that was easy to deploy and addressed a variety of desktop management concerns. Desktop Authority was the best tool for our environment at an affordable price."

Lane Virgin
Systems Administrator
Bonneville Joint School District No. 93

Otis R Bowen
"We are able to reduce the number of trips to remote sites … in some cases we would be travelling as much as 2 days a week, and now we go 2 days PER YEAR! Thanks to Desktop Authority, 99.9% of machine administration can be done remotely."

Joe Van Overberghe
IT Director
Otis R Bowen

Starwood Hotels & Resorts
"Starwood uses the Power Management functionality of Desktop Authority. These settings saved us an impressive $350,000 a year in North America – more than doubling our ROI!"

Michael Van Lare
Manager of Property IT, Infrastructure and Support Systems
for Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.