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Case StudyPT Thiess Contractors Indonesia Boosts Data Accuracy and Cuts Costs with ActiveRoles® Server

"Provisioning a new employee used to take one to three days. Now, however, [it] happens right away. The benefits are two-fold: new employees are operationally enabled as soon as they are onboard, and the help desk workload has been reduced by about half a person."


Scott Anderson
ICT Manager
PT Thiess Contractors Indonesia

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Case StudyCisco Systems Standardizes on Toad® and Doubles Developer Productivity

“Using Quest’s automated approach compared to Oracle’s mostly manual approach, we are able to get development work done at least twice as fast…developers and DBAs can operate more efficiently and independent of one another to quickly analyze problems and tune the databases.”


Brian Christensen,
Director – IT Business Systems,
Cisco Systems

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Case StudyMulticare Slashes SharePoint Application Development Time by 67 Percent with Quick Apps for SharePoint 

""Development was fast with the Quest solution. For example, it took 10 days [of a staff member's time] to develop a menu system consisting of about 10 screens. Without Quick Apps for SharePoint, this would have taken up to 30 days."


Luis Neves
Software Analyst and Programmer

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Case StudyIceland’s Skýrr Simplifies IT Hosting with Quest® vWorkspace, Increasing Productivity by 166 Percent

"Quest vWorkspace enables us to use multiple terminal servers as one farm, so our customers are not wholly dependent on the availability of one server. If one server goes down, the customer can quickly and easily move to another server in that farm, without incurring downtime."


Gísli Guðmundsson
System Administrator

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